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Modern surving instruments

نقشه برداری مدرن

SOAN General co.Ltd Company With over a quarter-century experience in providing engineering equipment for surveying equipment from world-famous factories such as Nikon-Trimble-Leica Spectra-Percision-Stonex, and some of China’s most famous companies,

Solar planet

سلولهای خورشیدی

SOAN general Co.Ltd Company, with the cooperation and the contract with the Dutch International Company in Iran, has been engaged in the construction of solar and wind power plants with various capacities in Iran with foreign investment.
It is also able to create renewable power plants in Iran.

survey device

تشخیص بمب

SOAN General co.Ltd Company has been providing protective and protective equipment in cooperation with reputable factories in the world. Including imported equipment, the Flatscan scanners and Range Finder cameras with a long range of 25 km can be mentioned.

Service and calibration


By equipping its laboratory with standard equipment and accurate measurements, as well as training engineers and conducting training courses at the manufacturer’s site, and obtaining credible international certificates, one of the laboratories approved by the Organization for Standard and Industrial Research in Iran.

Surveying services

نقشه برداری

SOAN General co.Ltd company is equipped with experienced and experienced teams ready to conduct all mapping and cad-astral mapping and mapping projects with short-range photogrammetry.

Solar power planet for Home use

خورشیدی خانگی

With the goal of producing cheap and solar power, SOAN General Co.Ltd has succeeded in encouraging part of the target market, which has been a domestic electricity subscriber for solar power generation and technology, and imported the US equipment from Honeywell.

Why us?

Shortes time for service

SOAN General co.Ltd Company is proud to be in the shortest possible time to provide services and services.


With credible global certifications such as ISO9001, ISO17025 as well as credible certifications from the factories of engineering equipment, the company has been able to meet the needs of the survey community.

Competeive price for surveing insruments

We are one of the importers of mapping equipment from main sources and manufacturing plants, and therefore our prices are competitive with other companies.

After sale service

All equipment provided has a warranty and after-sales service, and has replacement and repair services during the warranty period.

More than quarter centure experience

We are proud to have engineers and surveyors with more than 25 years of experience in providing engineering services in Iran.

Fast Support

SOAN General co.Ltd company has a technical and engineering team with experience in the service of buyers and other owners of engineering engineering services.

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